How Do You Evaluate Shipping Costs?

Shipping rates are a moving target, including for companies that work with many businesses. Understanding how to calculate shipping costs can make all the difference in making sure you’re gaining as much profit from Ulasan layanan dan harga pengiriman jne as possible. Here are some tips for calculating shipping costs for your ecommerce business.

Know your shipping carriers

Not all shipping carriers give you the same rates. If your business has a contract with UPS, for instance, you could have much better rates for shipping than if you were using FedEx. Find out which rates are applicable to your business and learn how to use them effectively.

Get as specific as possible

If you’re working with an ecommerce platform like Shopify, they should be able to tell you approximately what rates are going to be depending on the items being shipped. However, if you’re working with another shipping carrier like FedEx or UPS, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting as specific as possible.

Consider your cost

Your actual costs for packaging and labor aren’t always the best indication of your profit margins. Consider how much the shipping company is paying in terms of fuel and labor. Ideally, the shipping companies will only be paying the actual cost of their expenses, which is why it’s important to learn exactly what these costs are.


Don’t forget about weight

Consider how heavy your products are, especially if you’re using a company like UPS that has different rates based on weight and size. Non-package shipments can be charged by by zone, depending on how far the shipment is going. If you’re shipping small items, careful calculation can make all the difference in the world.

Use a free shipping calculator

The web is full of free tools for calculating fees and accounting for shipment costs. One that’s often recommended is the tool offered by Reverb, which will even come up with a few suggestions if you don’t know what to charge. Other online tools are available; figure out which one works best with your ecommerce platform and start using it today.

Take advantage of promotions and discounts

There are always ways to save on shipping charges, especially when it comes to internationally shipping. If you’re able to get your orders through a fulfillment service that offers free shipping, you could be getting wholesale rates. If you’re able to get free international shipping through an ecommerce platform, that’s a great way to take advantage of the costs involved in international shipping. Another option is using a company for reliable international shipping at the lowest rates around.