Good Digital Mobile Radios

How To Make Sure You’re Getting Good Digital Mobile Radios

While at sea, you rely on communication to keep your operations running smoothly. Whether your work is coordinating with crew members or contacting port authorities, having reliable communication is critical. Hence, these digital mobile radio are essential for communication.

What Is Digital Mobile Radio?

It is a protocol or open standard for digital mobile radios defined by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, and it is widely used in commercial products worldwide. The digital mobile radio was designed for more bandwidth on a particular frequency.

Mechanism of digital mobile radio

It uses a two-channel time division multiple access scheme (TDMA). The transmission has been divided into various blocks known as bursts. Each transmission burst is typically 30ms long and consists of one-time division multiple access (TDMA) elements. Each transmission burst can either be for one (time division multiple access) TDMA channel or another.

digital mobile radio

Different Types Of Digital Radio

IC-F5021 VHF Mobile Transceivers

  • Power-on password function,
    • Nuisance delete function,
    • Embedded ESN ±2.5ppm frequency stability,
    • 8 DTMF autodial memories,
    • BIIS 1200 PTT ID transmission
    • DTMF microphone (HM-152T) Lock-out penalty timer,
    • Time-out-timer,
    • Microphone hanger action programmable and many moreIC-F7520
    • Programmable D-SUB connector for external PTT,
    • Programmable ringer beep,
    • Built-in Bluetooth(Version 2.1 + EDR) for wireless audio and data.
    • Third-party wireless Bluetooth headsets will be operated as wireless radio programs over Bluetooth.
    • USB connector for data transfer or microSD card reader mode, channel, horn,
    • PA/RX speaker,
    • Optional detached controller, dual head controller configurations,
    • Low voltage alert,
    • Intercom function between dual head controller.IC-F9021S
    • Talk around function, the vast frequency range of 512 channels/128 zones.
    • Built-in inversion-type voice scrambler
    • Built-in audio compander,
    • hands-free operation.
    • Optional waterproof speaker microphone,
    • HM-184, CTCSS and DCS encoder and decoder,
    • VOX function for DTMF autodial,
    • 2-Tone decoder and encoder.

    • 14-pin accessory connector
    • Programmable alert
    • Built-in Bluetooth for wireless data and audio,
    • Wireless radio programming over Bluetooth.

    • It has a Short Data Message function,
    • Voice Recording function,
    • Multiple language displays (English, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish), and
    • Built-in Bluetooth.

    • It has a 2-Tone encoder and decoder and is MDC 1200 compatible (Available in future)
    • Wide frequency coverage
    • FM comprehensive and narrow channel spacing,
    • Built-in audio compander,
    • Built-in inversion type voice scrambler,
    • Self-ground microphone
    • Talk around function
    • CTCSS and DCS encoder and decoder
    • DTMF autodial
    • Microphone hanger action (On-hook scan and off-hook monitor) NTIA VHF specification compliant and HM-148G.

    Ic-F5023 Vhf Mobile Transceivers
    • ±2.5ppm frequency stability,
    • Microphone hanger action programmable,
    • BIIS 1200 PTT ID transmission,
    • Nuisance delete function,
    • Time-out-timer,
    • Lock-out penalty timer and more,
    • Narrow and vast channel spacing (25/ 12.5kHz) is adjustable
    • Power-on password functions,
    • Embedded ESN and many more.

    Now, communication at sea is acceptable because we have digital mobile radios connecting ships to the ports etc. There are different types of digital mobile radios as well.