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ADAX- Just Changed The Game!

In the history of different types of successful startups, there comes a turning point where that moment brings a vision of all its founders clashes, including the impossible things. ADAX, which is known to be a decentralized exchange under the Cardano ecosystem, has just changed the moment.

All are thrilled to demonstrate the promise made by ADAX has enabled the token swap that is censorship resistant within the ecosystem of Cardano. It has made full use of all the tools related to social sentiment and ensued all the asset liquidity through a unique liquidity pool. For the last three months, finance professionals and seasoned developers have worked continuously to hitting this milestone. The feed was proud to say that they are always on the same and right track.

Key features of this platform

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The UX team has spent many hours making sure the industry’s best practices, ADAX DEX,and user experience are frictionless and intuitive. Protocol of ADAX DEX each mainly streamlines to be mean and lean. The users of adax are also important for executing a smart contract based on the instant trades and only a fraction of the cost related to the etherium network. It also has no order book where all processors of intermediaries are stripped out of the equation by giving freedom to the users for trading without giving up any assets.

Revolutionary trading tool

All the traders of ADAX are empowered for recalibrating their investment based on the early sign of the changes in social sentiment. By utilizing all the data scraped from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, discord and Reddit, the traders got information about the tokens doctor getting hot and cooling down by stretching the lead over all the competitors.

Deep liquidity pools

Most of the liquidity pool at exist dynamically changes the ratio with an impermanent loss in low-volume assets and often undermines the early liquidity provider’s reward and risk-based rationale. The liquidity pools are generally different and don’t suffer from all the common problems responsible for sapping the services of market liquidity of competitors.

ADAX is always humbled and excited by the amount of support they receive and promise to give back theto enthusiastic Cardano community. Little continued to support to become the most powerful trading than you within the ecosystem of Cardano. You can also find more information about the changes made by an ADAX on Cardano Just by visiting their official website.