Ohio Is Both A Major Poducer And Consumer Of Natural Gas

Ohio is both a major producer and consumer of natural gas. Its production and use help support the Buckeye State economy, creating more than 188,000 well-paying jobs. The state’s abundant supply of the fuel helps lower electricity rates for consumers, while providing the energy needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make our environment cleaner.

The ohio natural gas prices industry is comprised of several distinct segments that produce, transport and distribute the fuel to consumers. The Ohio Public Utilities Commission (PUCO) regulates distribution companies but does not directly oversee the other aspects of the industry. Production companies or “producers” extract natural gas from the ground by drilling for it. It is then transported by pipelines to local distribution companies, known as LDC’s, for processing and distribution to homes.

Following a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) order in April 1992, natural gas was deregulated to allow customers to shop for their own commodity supplies. This gave residential and commercial customers the option to choose their supplier from a list of approved providers. The new system helped avoid the gas shortages that closed schools and factories in the mid-1970’s by allowing pipelines to sell their natural gas to local distribution companies for distribution to their end-use customers.

Since 1997, Ohioans have enjoyed the benefits of Energy Choice, a deregulated retail natural gas market where competitive suppliers offer plans with variable and fixed prices, exceptional customer service and outstanding perks. The program is available to most residential and small commercial metering locations in Ohio through programs like Columbia Gas of Ohio Energy Choice, Duke Energy Customer Choice and Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio Customer Choice.

Once a supplier is selected, the new provider will send a single bill that lists all charges and fees, including any recurring fees associated with the plan. In addition, the supplier will have a Terms of Service document that clearly outlines the specifics of the contract. This document should be read carefully to ensure that a new customer understands what they are getting into before signing.

Before selecting a new supplier, it is helpful to know the current SCO price set by your local natural gas utility company. Having this number handy will let you compare offers from suppliers against the SCO and make sure you are making the best decision for your home or business. You can find out your SCO rate by entering your zip code at Price To Compare.

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