What Makes Dental Crowns A Perfect Smile Solution?

It’s hard to not notice how confident people with perfect teeth seem to be. For some people, their beautiful smile is the key to success in both social and professional life. People want that confident feeling, but they also want it without the pain and expense of dental work. Many people have to settle for a fake smile. This is where dental crowns in come in handy to give you that perfect smile without the pain or expense of dental work.

What is a Dental Crown?

A crown is exactly what it sounds like, a piece of material, usually composite, that sits on the tooth and covers and strengthens it. It is placed on top of the damaged tooth surface so that it looks better than the rest of your teeth. The crown is fitted over the tooth, with most of the tooth exposed. It is then cemented together with a composite that binds the crown to the tooth. The result is that the tooth looks bigger, better, and stronger while hiding any damage underneath.

A crown can last a lifetime if maintained correctly. The biggest problem with restorations is decay underneath the restoration. Although a good dentist will clean under the restoration regularly, it is impossible to reach everywhere and remove every trace of plaque from underneath it. Once there is decay, bacteria build up and eat away at the tooth’s enamel eventually leading to its failure. The decay also eats away at the bond between the tooth and the crown, which means eventually a crown can fall off. Although this is rare, it will happen, usually in people with poor oral habits.

There are many different types of teeth restoration available today. Examples are veneers and inlays. These all serve the same purpose but have small differences in terms of the fabrication process and appearance of the finished product. In most cases, you need two teeth to get a complete set of back teeth. If you don’t have two teeth, then one tooth can be used as the front tooth and the other one can be used as the tooth to be restored.

The most popular type of restoration is a crown. A crown is placed on only one tooth. It is usually made to look like the original tooth and is either veneer or inlayed into the original tooth site. Crowns also come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes so that they can be customized to match the teeth of each individual patient. A crown can restore your smile back to its former glory, literally.