The Different Types Of Forks And Tines Available For Forklifts

A forklift is a type of industrial truck used in warehousing, manufacturing and construction that moves heavy loads by lifting them. The load is usually contained within a steel box or pallet which the ascensores unifamiliares sin foso can easily be raised up and transported horizontally via long metal prongs called forks.

Here are the different types of forks and tines that are available for forklifts:

  1. Fixed fork

This type of fork, also called a straight tine, is the most common and is used in warehouses that move lighter loads. The prongs are usually adjustable to a limited degree.

  1. Telescopic fork

This type of fork is used when the capacity is more than the fixed tine can lift. The forklift gets its name because it’s telescopic. With this type of fork, the forks are usually hinged at the center and can extend up to 6 feet high.

  1. Telescoping fork

This type of fork is what would be called a normal one if it was like other forks, but its forks are hinged at the top and can extend up to 10 feet high.

  1. Articulating fork

This type of fork is used for heavy duty work and is made up of two separate tines that are joined at the base, so that it can raise a load from a point where other types cannot reach. When used in warehouses, the arm extends up to 10 feet high to lift heavier loads.

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  1. Lift axle fork

This type of fork is used to lift loads onto a truck or trailer and has no prongs, but instead lifts the load via the use of an axle.

  1. Reach fork

This type of fork is used to pick up small loads intermittently, and is not attached by any means. The driver usually manually attaches it to the forks and then detaches it when it’s not in use.

  1. Front nose fork

The front nose fork is the heaviest type of forklift. It is the only type of forklift used for heavy duty work and is attached to the front of the truck at a very high angle, so that it can move heavy loads.

  1. Front tine

This type of fork is usually used in big warehouses where you are lifting up to several tons. It has two round prongs at the back and one fixed tine on top.

  1. Low lift axles

This type of fork is not very common and is used when lifting loads that can’t be lifted by other types of forks. It has no prongs but instead has a low loader on the front and another one at the back, which are used to lift the load.

  1. Tri-lift axle

This type of fork cannot be mistaken for any other type because it has three prongs and hence can hold more weight than any other fork. It is also used for heavy duty warehousing work.