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Software For Maintenance Management For Permits | Cityworks

The local governments and companies can request work from Cityworks. The industry-leading GIS-centric platform for public asset management and authorization supports the whole process of your infrastructure, from planning and permitting to building and maintenance. By constructing it comprehensive, Cityworks gives you complete access to your reliable GIS system and offers a comprehensive solution to increase the operational efficiency of your agency. However, the company is right there by you, assisting you in safe, durability, and others.

Their services specialize in creating GIS-related software for the permits and licensing magagement to complete integration, data conversion, and evaluation. To help the local government provide a better service in the community through smooth workflows for staff and customers.

What classification services can be used in the GIS-centric software?

As they founded their system in 1986, in today’s modern world, Cityworks offers an easy and fast solution for mapping in all areas. They develop their innovations of GIS-centric solutions where you process the following:

  • Zoning
  • Planning
  • Permits and Licensing
  • Inspections
  • Customer Engagement
  • Community Development
  • Application and Payments
  • Analytics and Reporting

What advantages of using this platform?

The permitting and inspections software from Cityworks makes client applications simple and monitoring procedures efficient. They can also assist with streamlining the business operations, reducing and calculating backlogs, and removing data depots.

  • Take the work out of the workflow.

Permit and licensing offers this complete innovation of their operational procedure. Cityworks can utilize better services in the community by streamlining workflows for the personnel and clients.

  • Track the permits and work activity

Mapping is always the best way to store and display the location of information. Using the platform can make the world efficient and communicate well to designate work activity and permit information.

  • Improve communication

There are best features for all organizations putting up templates to manage their industry-specific processes. Cityworks also makes it easy to organize the business process in a group. By tracking documents, it is easier to transfer documents within one department.

  • Visualize data

The Cityworks offers geographical analysis for the application of permits, code inspections, work activity, and operations insight. With the use of  ArcGIS, the system of record is easy to communicate by looking at the public dashboard and accountable by mapping layers on the ongoing project.

  • Track fees in one location

The Cityworks fee code is to track computations for all applications and permits. In the platform, Cityworks supports flat, linear, percentage, variable, and lowest fees, and calculating is easy for users.