Confusion Between Ready To Move House or an Under Construction House
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Confusion Between Ready To Move House or an Under Construction House

Buying a house is an exciting time, so you can imagine the confusion that arises when it comes to confused between buying ready to move houses or an under construction house. In this guide we will try and clear up some of your doubts. Click to learn more.

What Is A Ready To Move Home?

A ready-to-move home is a completed home on the market with no renovations or other work being done. Ready-to-move homes might not have all the features the buyer wants, but they are turnkey and move in ready, meaning they are fully furnished with appliances and utilities connected. These homes come with a warranty on all workmanship related issues for up to one year following purchase date.

These homes are advertised as move-in ready and include all features in the sale documents: the kitchen is fully equipped with electric range, dishwasher and disposal (or disposal model built into the range), full size washer/dryer, master bedroom suite with walk in closets and attached bath, two or more bedrooms with walk in closets or attached baths, living room, family room either with fireplace or air conditioning, dining room (or breakfast nook), den, pantry or utility room complete with all appliances etc. All types of roofing including wood shake are required.

What Are Under Construction Homes?

Confusion Between Ready To Move House or an Under Construction House

Under construction homes are generally not completed and will not be available for purchase until sometime later. The buyer will have to wait on the property being finished before they can move in. This can be anywhere from six weeks to a year or more.

It may be possible that while you’re waiting, they may give you the option of renting the home from them, so you can get out of renting and into something that’s more permanent for you. But some areas are not guaranteed for rental (such as if the builders choose to sell their homes), so always check with the builder prior to signing a contract.

Most builders will give you an option of choosing whether or not you want to rent a home but it’s something that should definitely be considered because once it’s done, there is no chance of looking at it again.