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Disappointed in the real estate world

The other slice of sellers embraces the do-it-yourself in home sales as a reaction to the direct or indirect experience with traditional agents.

We have counted five main reasons that tend to keep owners away from the classic intermediaries .

1) Protagonism

The typical real estate agent believes he is the hero in the client story , when he should be little more than a secondary character.

His perspective is “I have to make the owner fall in love with my service” and instead the seller just wants to make the right move to resolve his situation.

He doesn’t want to rely on a hero, he wants to be the hero himself!

The real estate consultant plays the role of facilitator , providing tools for victory and motivating the owner to act

Too often however:

you don’t ask what exactly the sellers want ;

fails to focus on the “problem to be defeated” ;

fails to bear in mind that each request has an external level (selling a house) and a much more relevant internal level (frustration, doubts, fear, etc.);

sell the house

he doesn’t become the “hero’s guide ”, offering him empathy and expertise;

it doesn’t provide a plan to follow , just a few simple steps to the end goal.

2) Insistence

The old-school real estate agent carries out a sales script that tires and is no longer in step with the times, because it is based on aggression, fleeting conviction and forcing .

The objective of an evolved sales system , which unfortunately a large part of the real estate sector persists in ignoring, is instead that of removing barriers and allowing the customer to spontaneously choose the proposed service .

The duty officer wants to persuade even though he lacks clarity and transparency . His offer does not focus on real advantages.

The service offered is the same as that of the competitors , without distinctive features or pluses.

It does not aim to intercept the emotional needs of a precise target of owners. It tries to fit everyone and then it doesn’t fit anyone in particular.

3) Arrogance

The habitual real estate developer has lost the virtue of kindness . He says he knows more than you, that he’s right, full stop.