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Your Ultimate Guide on Buying Property in Bangkok

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Understanding the Real Estate Market of Bangkok

Like other areas in Thailand, Bangkok city has seen some modest growth in property market from past many years. However, Bangkok is a bit different from other markets as it heavily relies on the tourism. It means that as tourism industry expands, the real estate segment will expand too.

As number of visitors in Bangkok still continues to grow & occupancy rates stay high, there seems to be the correspondingly huge number of purchases. Often people buy a flat even on the first visit to this island.

As in other parts of the world, you will see periods of buoyancy in real estate segment, followed by slower growth time. However, here there was not any boom-bust time, just the steady growth.

Broader property market of Thailand has slowed over past two or three years, however this hasn’t necessarily been a case in Bangkok. There’s quite resilient in the market, primarily because tourism sector is an important factor here.

Take a Note of Deposits & Terms

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When you opt to purchase a property in Thailand, you must take a note of deposit terms & conditions. Most of the developers will need you pay around 10 to 15% down payment as deposits. It is to make sure that property is reserved in your name as entire real estate procedure unfolds.

Deposit you paid should be deducted to total contracting rate. Suppose you fail in fulfilling provisions of a contract, seller will retain the deposit. Or, deposit will be refundable. Ensure these terms are clearly stated on your contract before you sign the papers.

The increased competition has actually led to emergence of the new innovations. Since this industry matures every year, projects become quite daring, with plenty of amenities and facilities to serve the expanding tourism industry.

The new resorts give their own shops & selection of restaurants, and other facilities that include steam rooms and saunas, libraries and jacuzzis, all complementary to the normal health & fitness centers.