Horror Thriller Tamil New Movie Diary on aha

Horror Thriller Tamil New Movie Diary on aha

Tamil movies are usually great to watch, especially if you are a fan of Tamil horror movies. There are many people who love to spend their weekend watching horror movies due to the thrill and suspense it provides. If you are a fan of Tamil thriller movies, Diary is a movie that you must watch.

The director of this movie is Innasi Pandiyan, and the cast includes Arulnithi, Pavithra Marimuthu, Nakkalites Dhanam, Sha Ra and many more. This is a fun horror movie to watch, and in this guide, you will be provided with some important information about this horror Tamil movie.

Arulnithi’s Third Release

Diary is the third release of actor Arulnithi within two months, and he is also considered the brand ambassador for Tamil thriller movies. This is why the actor ensures that he takes part in a movie that is different from the last one that he did. He also manages to pull off all the roles convincingly.

In an exact way, Diary is a Tamil thriller movie that begins with a huge mystery element, but there are other important things in the movie that will pick up your interest. Both Arulnithi and Pavithra have played their roles convincingly.

The Story

Varadhan Annadurai (Arulnithi) is a new cop who enters the scene, and the first case he picks leads him to Ooty. There he has to work with Pavithra (Pavithra Marimuthu), and as he looks more carefully into the case, he and the people he meets are all led to a bus that is travelling from Ooty to Coimbatore.

What happens to the characters inside the bus and what is the reason behind the gathering of all the people on the bus forms the rest of the story. Diary is one of the latest Tamil thriller movies and is an exciting one, watch this movie on a reputed OTT channel to learn what happens next.

The Movie

The story provided by Innasi Pandiyan is interesting, but the story does not directly go to the core. There are some good comedy acts in the movie’s first half, and slowly the story picks up pace, making things more interesting. In the second half, there are many twists and turns in this movie, and there are many unpredictable scenes too.

Watch Diary on aha

If you desire to watch the Diary movie, you must find a reputed OTT channel to ensure you get to watch this thriller movie any time you want. Visit aha; they are a leading OTT platform where you can find all the latest Tamil movies and watch them at a time and place of your choice.