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Know few pros and cons of using trading bot

Trading bots are programmes that perform automated algorithmic trading. They use APIs to connect to crypto exchanges and place small orders on your behalf. An API is required for the bot to interact with the exchange of your choice. It is a feature of the exchange that allows third parties to access data from the exchange and make specific changes to an account. Know about price bot for crypto in discord server as well.

Benefits of Using Crypto Trading Bots

  • It is efficient at using exchange tools and mechanisms like trailing stops and executing on crypto signals to buy or sell.
  • Using a profitable bitcoin trading strategy with a bot can provide you with 24 hour access to the market and a consistent stream of profit that would not be possible with manual trading.
  • If you are technically inclined, you can programme your bot to perform much more complex tasks such as arbitrage and accumulation.
  • Many bots can be tested in various cryptocurrency simulation trading platforms, also known as Crypto Testnets, so you can fine-tune your strategy before using real money.

The disadvantages of using crypto trading bots

  • To successfully use trading bots, a certain level of crypto knowledge is required. Try price bot for crypto in discord server.
  • To understand or customise trading strategies beyond what an exchange or bot trading platform provides, basic coding knowledge is required.
  • Bots still lack the human component and will be unable to detect sudden spikes or flash crashes, which mean you, may end up buying or selling too high.