What kinds of photography styles are popular for weddings?

Some of a couple’s most priceless moments are captured through wedding photography before, during, and after the big day. There are now a plethora of popular wedding photography styles due to the ever-increasing demand from couples who want to showcase their love story in the most beautiful way possible. We will go over a few major wedding photography styles below, which you should take into consideration when choosing a photographer for your big day. The wedding photobooth singapore is the perfect addition to your special day, providing fun memories that will last a lifetime!

Photographing traditional weddings:

“Classic Wedding Photography” is the most traditional wedding photographer style. These photographs center around catching immortal stances and minutes that can be loved for a lifetime. The couple, the bridal party, and the families are usually posed in traditional wedding photos to show off all of the important and memorable moments. Although some creativity is permitted, the majority of these photographs were taken in a formal, classical manner.


The goal of documentary wedding photography is to document the events as they happen, without directing them in any way. Narrative photographs are tied in with getting normal minutes that can’t be reproduced or presented. For couples who want to capture genuine emotions and reactions that their guests may not be aware of, this style of photography is ideal. It can be challenging to arrange or recreate a shot because a documentary photographer is “invisible” to the guests.


Wedding photography that is photojournalistic combines elements of traditional and documentary photography. In order to give couples a better idea of how they felt on their wedding day, this style of photography freezes actual events. Photojournalists often take posed family photos in addition to actual events because they look for the same kinds of moments as documentarians. They will, however, remain for the majority of the wedding day.


Contemporary wedding photography is the point at which a picture taker consolidates photojournalism, design, and customary styles of wedding photography. This kind of photography takes artistic pictures of the couple and the guests, often with a dreamy, romantic look that makes it look like they just came from a fancy movie. When taking contemporary photographs, creative lighting and angles are frequently utilized, with couples frequently being photographed in strategically positioned locations and against vivid backdrops.

Couples have incorporated these and other popular wedding photography styles into their wedding day plans. However, given the wide range of wedding photographers and their varying levels of experience, it is essential to select one that is compatible with the couple’s ideas and requirements. Wedding photography, regardless of style, ought to be tailored to the particular preferences of the couple while also providing them with photographs that they can treasure and look back on for many years to come. Therefore, wedding photobooth singapore make special occasions so much more fun and memorable.