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Order Delicious Cakes To Complete Your Christmas Celebrations

With Christmas just around the corner, you’ll want to make sure that you have everything covered to complete your celebrations. With this in mind, we can help with a little taste of Christmas in a tinny, tasty cake. Send one of these cakes as a gift through fast cake delivery in singapore and your friends and family will be delighted by the flavorsome indulgence that they receive.

Black Forest

The Black Forest cake is very popular, traditional Christmas cake in the UK and this is due to its celebration of many classic flavors. The flavors combine perfectly to create a rich chocolate flavor that is complemented by the cherry and almond. It’s not just the taste that makes this cake so special, but also the way it looks when it arrives at your home or office. With a deep dark chocolate color, bright red cherries and white icing exploding with berries, you can instantly see how special this gift is.


This is a traditional French Christmas cake which combines the taste of a croissant with a delicious chocolate cake, creating the perfect combination. The cake itself is made up of an almond sponge kissed in chocolate icing and decorated with cream and white chocolate. As the name suggests, it’s made from a buttery dough and filled with cream before being coated in marzipan. You can send this as part of your Christmas gift to someone special or simply want to treat yourself.

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The Lamington Cake was first made in Sydney, Australia but since then has become one of the most popular gifts to be sent during this time of year. The cake is inspired by a delicious Australian sponge, but with a change of colors and flavors, it’s easy to see what makes it so popular internationally. This gift will appeal to anyone who loves an interesting texture as the cake has a sponge base with alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla. With a topping of chocolate icing, it’s hard to resist this exotic taste sensation this Christmas.

Yule Log

For anyone who is seeking out something that tastes as good as it looks, the Yule Log would be ideal. This spectacular cake consists of layers of hazelnut dacquoise and soft chocolate mousse which is then rolled in crushed nuts and covered in dark chocolate.